What’s new in bed bug elimination?

Discover What’s New in Bed Bug Elimination!

Bed Bugs and Beyond: Who we are…


  • Complimentary Consulting for all Bed Bug Elimination Services
  • Nations first, trusted, 100% non biased full service consulting firm
  • Successful, Proven, Guaranteed Results Since 2007
  • 100% Bed Bug Elimination, Guaranteed in a Single Treatment
  • Minimum 6 Month Guarantee on all Fumigation treatments
  • 24/7 services of scientifically documented and valid immediate bed bug elimination, education, counseling and expert advice.
  • Bed Bugs and Beyond Provides Non-biased Referrals for Select, Qualified Service Providers
  • Bed Bugs and Beyond Coordinates and Orchestrates Fumigation, K-9 Detection, Pest Control and  Moving/Preparation Services
  • All Service Providers Approved through an Extensive Qualification Process
  • Complimentary Re-Treatment, Post-fumigation for Travel Items
  • Focused on 100% Bed Bug Elimination

 Bed Bug Elimination Contact us at 888-410-1333 or send an email through our Contact Us page! Let us get you Beyond Bed Bugs today!!

Steps You Can Take:

  • Practice post treatment best practices which can protect you from potential re-infestations.
  • Stop allowing bed bug treatment providers to focus on pest control vs. 100% elimination
  • Don’t allow costly re-treatments which let providers profit from your continued victimization and misery
  • Demand 100% bed bug elimination and service provider accountability

Bed Bugs and Beyond’s Pest Management Network of approved service providers are accepted into our service network through an intensive qualification and screening process. Providers in our network are committed and dedicated to achieving 100% elimination of a target pest.

Call us today!! 888-410-1333

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