What NOT to do if you have Bed Bugs


So you find yourself with a bug problem that you believe to be bed bugs. Most people look to the Internet for help, but you rarely come across websites that explain what NOT to do. Bed bugs multiply rapidly so it is important to call a consultant if you even suspect you have a problem. In the meantime, there are specific things you should NOT DO to avoid making your situation worse. If you suspect you have bed bugs:


  • Do NOT start sleeping in another bed, on the couch or at a friends house – the bugs may follow you to the new location making it harder rid them from your home AND may introduce them to any other place you stay (bed bugs can attach to your clothing and belongings)
  • Do NOT use bedbug bombs, this will only spread your infestation and magnify the problem!!
  • Do NOT throw items away without first wrapping them in plastic and clearly marking them as infested with bed bugs (this will save others the hassle if they unknowingly find your items and unwrap them)
  • Do NOT wrap items in plastic bags and place in the sun. It will not kill the bugs
  • Do NOT move items from one room to another, moving items from infested room to another room will only spread the bedbugs
  • Do NOT throw away your bed or furniture, it can all be treated for bed bugs (again, if you do dispose of any of these items make sure they are clearly labeled)
  • Do NOT attempt to use chemicals and treat them on your own, these can be dangerous to your family and potentially start a fire
  • Do NOT store anything under your bed, this only provides bedbugs with new places to hide


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