Bed Bug Treatment vs. Elimination – Who is Accountable For Reoccurrence ?

bed bug treatment
By our definition, to “treat” a problem, is to resolve the issue. Resolving an issue can come in to forms. Temporary solutions, and permanent solutions.
When it comes to you and your family’s health regarding bed bug treatment, it’s crucial to achieve elimination.

Obviously, you know the difference, and that difference will either cost or save you thousands, as well as prevent you from the anguish and healthcare problems associated with bed bugs, bites and breeding.

Should you have an infestation and need assistance with bed bug treatment, get the information you need to choose the right service provider for you bed bug treatment. Ask for statistics regarding re-occurrences, after having treated consumers for bed bugs. This information can be yours, just by asking. Any establishment not willing to show you their track record, should be a good indication, to move onto the next.

Some providers may go about saying you, the home or business owner is responsible for a re-occurrence, post “elimination service” due to clutter or uncleanliness. This is not a true statement. If bed bugs are eliminated properly, the only way they can return is if they are physically brought back into the home through travel luggage, implanting them or something similarly obvious and probable.

Bed Bug Treatment Accountability

More so, Bed Bugs and Beyond Consulting provides FREE consultation and referral services for providers who are all certified as elimination specialists. Meaning, once you receive your bed bug treatment, you have a guarantee that the problem will not arise again. When it comes to pests, healthcare and protecting your family, we encourage you to go the extra mile and due your due diligence.

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