Bed Bug Elimination: Tips for Finding Reputable Providers

Over the last 10 years, bed bug infestations have grown to epidemic levels throughout the United States. This rapid bed bug eliminationgrowth has outpaced public and private efforts to accurately and effectively educate society about this challenging pest.

Bed Bug victims often feel overwhelmed when trying to find qualified, reputable service providers committed to offering safe, effective elimination solutions. Bed Bugs and Beyond offer some tips for finding reputable bed bug elimination providers so you know what to look for and expect from a quality bed bug elimination provider.

Tips for Finding Reputable Bed Bug Elimination Providers

We encourage all consumers to look for bed bug elimination providers who offer: 

  • Accurate education on elimination options
  • Reasonable written guarantees
  • Documented best management practices to prevent future infestations
  • Post-treatment follow-up to ensure elimination success
  • Necessary license & insurance to perform services

Additional tips for finding reputable bed bug elimination providers to remember:

  • Discount service pricing is quickly forgotten long after expectations of elimination have been missed
  • Low pricing service solutions often come from low quality service providers
  • When it comes to bed bug elimination don’t look for a bargain, look for a reputation of confirmed elimination success
  • Always leverage a free 3rd party non bias consultant to mandate accountability
  • Beware of providers that don’t offer services locally

For more information on finding reputable bed bug elimination providers in your area contact Bed Bugs and Beyond at 888-410-1333.

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