The Hidden Bed Bug Epidemic

What you probably didn’t know if that the Bed Bug population grows at a massive rate of 500-1000% ever year, and has done so consecutively since 2004. There are a few reasons why this bed bug epidemic has continued to grow…

bed bug epidemic

Bed Bug Epidemic

Back in 1941, the Unites States had in fact eradicated the species from our shores. As the aviation industry began to advance, as did our commercial flying and military advancements overseas, we ultimately gave bed bugs the ability to come back from demographics where they remained strong and we are now facing a bed bug epidemic.

There are many preventative methods to eliminate bed bugs. Note, we said eliminate, not treat.

We live in a country where many industries are said to be monopolized, or that capitalism is hard at work. Let’s just say we have seen this quite a bit in the pest service provider industry.

As in many occupations, without customers, you do not survive. Would banks survive without funds? Would doctors survive without illnesses and patients to treat? Same thing goes for pest control, they want to treat your issue, but not necessarily eliminate the problem, because that in turn reduces their potential residual income. There are many types of insects and pests; you would think the income potential is limitless. There are black eggs in every batch, so stay educated.

All this means is, do your research. Elimination is possible and you have every right to ask for a “guarantee”, and if they don’t give you one, you know that someone else can. Someone within the Bed Bugs and Beyond Consulting network. All certified eliminating specialists, able to give you the lifetime guarantee you need to feel safe, comfortable and healthy.

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