“This has been a nightmare of unbelievable proportions and, since July 4, 2014, while struggling to find a way to solve the dilemma, I have encountered many mean, crafty, scheming people intent on taking advantage of a person in a desperate situation. It has been eye-opening how many companies are just waiting, almost licking their chops, to rip a person off. In addition to such people, my unresponsive landlord became incensed at the situation, yelling at me “What did you do to get these? Where did you go? What can you possibly live like to have such dirty bugs?” and then hung up on me. With every one of these people I came across, I couldn’t help but compare them to the stellar example Bed Bugs and Beyond set of an honorable and caring business. You have been so gracious to me in my time of need and I am so grateful for your kindness.

Thank you for being one of the few people in this business trying to help me instead of ripping me off.”
-Rebecca N., Queens, NY, 08/11/2014


“I think it was the best option I could take. BB&B has everything covered and its the best option when trying to get rid of the bed bugs and move out at the same time. Costumer Service was very supportive, they know its a stressful situation so they’ll do their best to make you feel safe.
The treatment was really fast -overnight- also they have a moving company that works with them that can help you with movers, storage, etc. but if you can’t afford the moving company, BB&B still give you the best options to diy. Thanks BB&B!”
- Michelle C., Brooklyn, NY, 10/31/2013

“I had my furniture fumigated through Bed Bugs and Beyond. It’s been a week and it seemed to do the trick. I have since found a bunch of DIY tricks to keep bed bugs away so I won’t have to deal with this again! They answered a lot of my questions.”
- Linda V., New York, NY, 10/16/2013

“Melissa is so nice and helpful and prompt! I gave very little notice about needing to use their services (less than a week) and she was able to schedule me immediately, email me all of the paperwork within minutes of our conversation, and leave me feeling confident and assured that this nightmare of a problem will be taken care of properly and professionally! I highly recommend Bed Bugs and Beyond!”
- Diana T., Astoria, NY, 9/25/2013

“Bed Bugs and Beyond provides great customer service during a stressful time and they are professional and helpful. We were very satisfied with their service.”
- Helen M., Murray Hill, Manhattan, NY, 8/22/2013

“Bed bugs and beyond has been very helpful in facilitating the fumigation of our storage unit. We are concerned about possible bed bug infestation. They gave us tons of information on how to prepare, who would help us move our belongings to the fumigation site and how to avoid a bed bug infestation.
I highly recommend them!”
- L.M., New York, NY, 8/12/2013

“Melissa has been the one helping me out over at Bed Bugs and Beyond. She is super helpful, informative, and patient especially throughout this stressful situation. I have been recommended them from a good friend, and would do the same going forward from here. Took the time out of their schedule to help me figure out mine, and worked with moving companies to help me schedule that as well.”
- S. C., Brooklyn, NY, 7/24/2013

“I was directed to bed bugs and beyond to coordinate my move and fumigation of the contents of my apartment.  Melissa at BBB has been nothing but helpful in this process and made each difficult decision as easy as possible to navigate.”
- Ben B., Brooklyn, NY, 7/18/2013

“If you have ever had bed bugs, you know that it is unexpected, stressful, and time-consuming. With little time on my hands to handle moving from my current apartment, I was recommended to use Bed Bugs and Beyond to coordinate proper fumigation of my items and I have to say I am very pleased with this suggestion. Bed Bugs and Beyonds’ agent, Melissa, listened to my situation and answered all of my questions promptly and efficiently. I was able to contact her during my busy work day by e-mail and always received helpful feedback. They were flexible with my schedule and coordinated the logistics with the movers to reduce the time I had to dedicate to this process. Lastly, they seem well-educated on all aspects of Bed Bugs and have reduced the anxiety I have associated with this negative experience. I am happy to be able to move into my new apartment knowing we went through Bed Bugs and Beyond Consulting services to coordinate having our belongings eliminated from bed bug infestation.”
- Alexandra D., New York, NY, 7/17/2013

“Referred to me by the highly acclaimed M&M Pest Control (CNN, BBC, Yelp, BBB, etc.), Bed Bugs and Beyond have been extremely helpful, prompt, informative and super friendly. The staff not only removed the stress of moving from a life ruled by bedbugs back to a life free for me to live but also educated me on how to inspect and best prevent infestation in my new home. I know anytime I may need bedbug counseling or treatment in the future, this will be THE place to go.”
- Katie B., Sunnyside, NY, 7/12/2013

“I am about to embark on using this company for the second time. Through the worst kind of bad luck I was hit with another infestation almost three years after the first. BBB was exactly what I needed to get out of my old apartment building and start anew and once again helping me out when the landlord refuses to accept the problem. The only reason I knocked off one star is when i called them to begin the process the second time, the first gentleman I spoke with stated that because I had gotten bed bugs again that they had not educated me enough the first time around. Which I found a bit rude since the infestation had not started in my apartment and I am very protective over who and what comes in my house. But everyone else has been very helpful during this stressful affair.”
- A.B., New Brunswick, NJ, 7/11/2013

“Writing this review brings back so many emotions.  Anyone who has ever battled Bed Bugs knows how emotionally draining, and physically disturbing it is to deal with it.  If you currently have Bed Bugs, and are desperately trying to find someone who can help….just stop reading this review and call Bed Bugs and Beyond; they WILL help you, I promise. When I called bed bugs and beyond they were professional, not pushy, and answered all of my questions. I was embarrassed, depressed and had no clue what to do.  They explained to me all different options, and if I remember correctly I had called back quite a few times over the course of 2 months before I committed to using their services and they treated me with respect and helped me out even before I had ever paid them a single penny. We wound up moving into a condo that we purchased and had their bed bug sniffing dog (jeremy ecker?) confirm that our new condo was bed bug free.  We appreciated that the dog showed up in an unidentified vehicle free from advertising (plain old car) and acted like they were just friends of ours visiting.   Once we were assured that our new condo was clean, we closed on the apartment.  Our moving company (padded wagon) packed up our belongings and the truck sent our stuff to be fumigated some place in queens overnight.  When we first stepped foot into our new condo we immediately closed the door and took off all of our clothes and shoes and put them in a bag, tied a knot, opened the door behind us, and changed into brand new clothes and  threw the bag out  We went to the clothing store and bought a cheap outfit to change into, and wore our crappiest clothes that we new we were throwing out.  We unpacked, and have been bed bug free since the day we moved in 2 years ago.  Still traumatized, but thank this company SOO much!!”
- Joan P., New York, NY, 7/10/2013

“…The gas will permeate everything and kill the bed bugs on contact even through the cardboard moving boxes. It was worth every penny to gas everything with the Vicane gas and the Bed Bugs and Beyond people are 150% professional. I recommend them highly.”
- Gourmandise F., Manhattan, NY, 7/8/2013

“Bed Bugs and Beyond’s policies and procedures are light years ahead of everyone else.”
- Tracy C., Tampa, FL, 5/18/2013

“What I appreciated the most was the availability and willingness of staff to personally answer the many questions I had throughout the process.”
- Stephanie C., Bangor, ME, 4/29/2013

“Great. Very very nice on the phone and helpful. Understood how stressful the whole situation is. Totally recommend.”
-A. E., Manhattan, NY, 4/25/2013

“Currently working with these guys to eradicate my bed bug problem.  This process is inherently exhausting and expensive, but it’s pretty awesome to be able to call someone whose informed,  rational, and results based (not to mention well rested) to help me make decisions.  They are very much committed to eliminating bed bugs entirely, which takes a lot of the anxiety off of my shoulders. As an aside, I did this about three years ago by myself and the experience was horrific, not to mention expensive, so it’s good to have a middle man to hold the vendors accountable for their work.  I wasted a lot of money on false promises and bad products.  This time around, at least there’s a high level of accountability in the application of my time and resources.  HIGHLY highly recommend using them to take on these little mofos.”
- Ann F., Manhattan, NY, 2/22/2013

“I am so very grateful to Bed Bugs & Beyond for all their help and advice. Knowing that Bed Bugs & Beyond exists is the only comfort I have for my obsessive worries about re-infestation.”
–Larry L., Richmond, VA, 7/7/2012

“Since the move we’ve been bed bug free, things have been great, thanks so much for your help.”
- Anand G., Madison, WI, 9/4/2011

“When I found out I was dealing with a heavy bedbug infestation in a relative’s house I knew I was overwhelmed and truly in need of help and guidance.  Luckily, the exterminators who inspected the apartment and confirmed the infestation suggested calling “Bed Bugs and Beyond” – as much needed to be done before they could begin treatment.  I spoke to Melissa who was knowledgeable, patient and kind.   She immediately gave me several suggestions and explained all the different components of prepping, removal, fumigation, storage etc. I never felt like I was being taken advantage of during an extremely stressful time.  The guidance given to me by “Bed Bugs and Beyond” has allowed me to have a plan of action and have all the parts in place to make dealing with this as seamless as possible.  Without the help of “Bed Bugs and Beyond” it would have taken much longer to put together a plan and implement it- needless to say time is of the essence when dealing with pests and the stress brought on by the situation.  I now feel this problem will be managed and dealt with in a way that will ensure being bed bug free as soon as possible and for as long as possible.  I would recommend “Bed Bugs and Beyond” for anyone with similar issues looking to manage it safely, economically and knowledgeably”
- Nadia J., Los Angeles, CA, 8/1/2011

“My interactions with Bed Bugs and Beyond have helped me to see a light at the end of the tunnel amid the stressful experience of coping with bed bugs. Their friendly customer assistance combined with their obvious dedication to battling bed bugs holistically and conscientiously have helped an overwhelming situation feel more manageable. It is moreover clear that they are committed to fighting bed bugs not just on a case by case basis, but in the wider community through their enthusiastic sharing and promotion of educational materials. I’m glad to have been referred to them by the pest control company that inspected my apartment, and I feel confident that my upcoming move will be bed bug free thanks to their services and guidance.”
- J., Hartford, CN, 5/10/2011

“I greatly appreciated the educational services and great customer service offer by Bed Bugs and Beyond. It is an extremely confusing process to find out you have bed bugs and to navigate different treatment options. It is useful to have talked to Bed Bugs and Beyond. They explained the science behind the treatment option I chose, fumigation, and made me feel comfortable about its effectiveness. Bedbugs are such a big problem in not just New York but all over the country, and I feel like more education about this topic would be in everyone’s interest and help halt this epidemic. Thanks to Melissa for her counseling!”
- Catherine C., San Francisco, CA, 12/8/2010

“Peace of mind in one treatment; no more bedbugs, nymphs and/or eggs.”
– Yetty S., Miami, FL, 6/22/2010

“I found Bed Bugs and Beyond because they were very highly rated online and recommended by a friend, and they did not disappoint! Great customer service on the phone and in person.”
- Matt E., Chicago, IL, 4/20/2010

“I will be sure to recommend your company to anyone in need of this service, your company is the only one I would feel comfortable with using for this.”
- Rick D., Dallas, TX, 1/28/2010

“Please don’t stop doing what you do because, honestly, I don’t know how we would deal with bed bugs in the future without Bed Bugs and Beyond.”
- Carlo G., Los Angeles, CA, 5/15/2009

“I’m sure you hear this all the time, but I can’t express my gratitude enough – our lives have been 200% improved without bedbugs”
- Alexia E., Hershey, PA, 3/3/2009

“Service was excellent. Everyone was sensitive, responsive and helpful.”
- Jennifer A., Lexington, KY, 8/2/2008

“You guys were great. You made a horrible situation easier to handle!”
- Anne P., Boston, MA, 6/20/2008

“LIFESAVERS. They coached me through the toughest point in my life thus far. I cannot recommend these guys more. THEY ARE THE BEST. Professionalism, courtesy, understanding and knowledge. Can’t beat that!”
- Nathan A., Tampa, FL, 12/1/2007

“Thank you so much for your time and letting us get through this process so quickly. Everyone I’ve spoken to within your company and consulting office has been extremely helpful, understanding, informative, and pleasant. Customer service is certainly above and beyond!”
- Lea H., Austin, TX, 5/16/2007