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Bed Bug Fumigation

With bed bugs reaching headlines in the news daily, the mass amount of information regarding these pests and how to eradicate them can be overwhelming. While fumigation is known to be 100% effective for eliminating these pests  in a single treatment, there is still alot of confusion about what exactly bed bug fumigation is… What is fumigation? […]

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Busting Bed Bug Myths

With so much information regarding bed bugs it can become confusing and overwhelming trying to decipher what’s true and what isn’t. Bed Bugs and Beyond is committed to providing the facts on bed bugs and how to eliminate them. Check out the list below, gathered from the EPA and a UK Bed Bug site, for […]

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Travel Tips to Avoid Bed Bugs for the Holidays

This Holiday Season, share the gift of knowledge! Education is key when it comes to prevention/elimination of bed bugs. Follow the travel tips below to make sure you don’t bring home any unwanted guests for the Holidays! When traveling, talk to hotel management before checking in, to find out their policies and procedures for handling […]

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Steps to Achieving Bed Bug Elimination

FIRST: Always consult a third party non bias bed bug consulting firm to guide you through all elimination options. Bed Bugs and Beyond offers free consultations to all clients! When moving out of a bed bug infested residence: Pack (or have a professional moving/packing service trained in handling bed bug infestation) all items in cardboard boxes […]

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A Bed Bug Treatment Story: From Mistakes to Success

The story below was submitted to us by a client who wishes to share his bed bug treatment story in hopes to help educate others and allow them to learn from his initial mistakes and final solution for 100% bed bug elimination. Getting a mattress bed bug protector, is great to keep your mattress pest free […]

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