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Bed Bugs are a Top Healthcare Concern

Bed Bugs are a Top Healthcare Concern, Well Ants too Bed bugs and ants made the top of the list this year in a survey collected as a join venture between the Association for the Healthcare Environment and Orkin. It has been revealed year after year, bed bugs are a top healthcare concern due to […]

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Bed Bug Fact Card

Can’t always remember where to look, what you are looking for, or what to do if you suspect bed bugs? Carry this handy bed bug fact card with you as a means of identifying bed bugs, verifying signs of their presence, and where to look for the pests as well as what to do if […]

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Bed Bug Elimination: Tips for Finding Reputable Providers

Over the last 10 years, bed bug infestations have grown to epidemic levels throughout the United States. This rapid growth has outpaced public and private efforts to accurately and effectively educate society about this challenging pest. Bed Bug victims often feel overwhelmed when trying to find qualified, reputable service providers committed to offering safe, effective […]

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Bed Bug Education

Bed bug infestations have been on the rise over the last few years, leaving many victims feeling bewildered about what to do to eradicate these pasts. Having a basic understanding of bed bugs and how they act is the first step to eradication. See the following for an overview in basic bed bug education. BED […]

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Bed Bug Saga: From Frustrated to Finally Beyond Bed Bugs

The following post was submitted to us from a client wanting to share his story in hopes other victims can learn from his experience…. I am so very grateful to Bed Bugs & Beyond for all their help and advice.  I am only sorry that I didn’t meet them sooner.  I spent nearly a year […]

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The 2012 most bedbug-infested cities

The 2012 most bedbug-infested cities  Philadelphia has won the dubious title of most bedbug-infested U.S. city, according to the annual Most Bedbug-Infested Cities ranking, released today by Terminix. Philadelphia took the top spot from New York City, which held the title for two years. The 2012 most bedbug-infested cities include:                                                   1. Philadelphia 9. Denver […]

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Case Study: Getting Beyond Bed Bugs

The following case study, submitted by Dow AgroSciences, describes how Global Pest Control and Bed Bugs and Beyond teamed up to solve a nightmare of a bed bug problem by fumigating with Vikane gas fumigant. There are bed bug jobs, and then there are bed bug jobs. Kery Bruzzo has been handling bed bug jobs […]

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Bed Bug Travel Tips: How to detect and protect yourself from bed bugs while traveling

Bed Bug Travel Tips While there’s nothing better than taking a vacation, nothing is worse than bringing home bed bugs as a souvenir. Bed bugs, the great hitchhikers they are, can be found all over the world and are on the rise, especially in hotels. According to Steritech, a commercial pest prevention provider in North […]

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Why Customers use Bed Bugs and Beyond

Bed Bugs and Beyond® Consulting is the nation’s first and only, non-biased, full-service brokerage provider of scientifically documented and validated bed bug elimination, education, counseling and expert advice. Our consultants provide valid, up-to-date education and orchestrate a single-treatment approach to eliminating pests thru leveraging a select network of trusted, licensed, bondedand insured service providers nationwide. Bed […]

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How to Fly Bed Bug Free

This Holiday season with so many traveling to see family and friends it’s imperative that we stay alert and aware of our surroundings so we don’t bring home these unwanted pests. Check out the tips below we’ve gathered from a recent Forbes article to help you stay bed bug free while flying, you can access […]

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