Moving & Prep for Bed Bug Treatment

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Use the following Moving & Prep for Bed Bug Treatment, whether you are staying in the same location or moving to a new residence.

Our dedicated moving partners assist our clients, commercial and residential pest control operators and fumigators to eradicate bed bug infestations by the use of containment fumigation for office buildings, hotels and multi-family residences when the entire structure cannot be contained.

 Moving & Prep for Bed Bug Treatment

  • Containment fumigation can be done onsite or, if applicable offsite, the process is simple, and extremely effective.
  • You or our moving partner (if you prefer full service) will pack your belongings according to the packing and preparation guidelines provided.
  • Once your belongings are removed for fumigation, it is recommended that you have your place of residence treated topically by a licensed PCO and verified bed bug free by a K-9 detection service to be sure there are no bugs residing before returning your bed bug free belongings to you. (Refer to Step by Step Process)
  • Moving partner will load your belongings and bring it to their secure warehouse facility for offsite fumigation.
  •  Contents will be fumigated using Vikane gas. Introduced in 1961 by Dow Agro Science, it’s approved for use on articles such as: Clothing, Musical Equipment, Electronics, Artwork, Furniture, Historical Documents and other personal items.
  • Vikane is a colorless, odorless, non-residual and tasteless gas that eradicates infestations by penetrating 100% of a contained area. Vikane produces an effect that interferes with all pests’ life stages and their ability to absorb oxygen to sustain life. Vikane is non-toxic after aeration and is environmentally safe.
  • Following fumigation, items are aerated until the fumigated container reaches a level of zero parts per million.
  • Moving Provider delivers your belongings to the new residence (and unpacks your belongings if you choose) or puts in their safe bed bug free storage facility until ready for re-delivery. Never overlook Moving & Prep Services for Bed Bug Treatment!
  • If you are unable to move and your residence is infested you can still utilize our combined services. The same process is utilized, in addition to working with one of our partner pest control operators. While your belongings are being fumigated, a partner pest control operator will provide custom treatments to protect your home against the possibility of re-infestation.
  • After fumigation your belongings will be safely stored until the pest control provider treats your dwelling and verifies that the structure is also bed bug free. Once this has been determined, your fumigated items will be returned.

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