Bed Bug K-9 Scent Detection

Bed Bug K-9 Scent DetectionJust as our society relies on professionally-trained K-9 partners to detect explosives and illegal drugs,  Bed Bugs and Beyond has a network of bed bug K-9 scent detection teams: professionally trained dogs and their handlers that can detect bed bugs.

We recommend using one of our trusted bed bug K-9 Scent Detection partners to ensure the detection service you select is capable of delivering the level of service you expect.

Bed bug K-9 scent detection is very effective, but it is important to realize that every bed bug k-9 scent detection dog and handler team is different from the next. It is important to know exactly what you can expect from the team that is performing the inspection.

  • Our bed bug K-9 scent detection partners have well -trained bed bug detection dogs that are able to identify even small numbers of live bed bugs, sometimes as few as one.
  • Additionally, they can discriminate live bugs and viable eggs from evidence left over from an old infestation (fecal spotting, caste skins, empty egg shells, carcasses).
  • Unless they are able to do this, it becomes much more difficult to distinguish between active and old infestations.

Dogs that are trained well can be effective in sniffing out bed bugs. However, it’s important that when a dog alerts to bed bugs, its handler follows up by visually confirming the presence of bed bugs. Without a visual confirmation, you have no way of knowing if this is a false alert, and false alerts do happen.

Bed bug K-9 scent detection

Canine scent detection is especially well suited for large scale inspections where visual inspections are simply not practical, such as periodic inspections of hotel guest rooms, college dormitories, entire apartment complexes, movie theaters, schools, or infestations in office buildings.