NJ State Senate Health Committee Passes Bill for Bed Bug Plan

Big strides in the war against bed bugs were made earlier this week.  On Monday, The New Jersey State Committee passed a bill that would require all healthcare and residential facilities to have a bed bug action plan in place with a licensed exterminator.  

“Any facility where people stay overnight should have a plan in place, ready to be carried out at a moment’s notice, should bedbugs be discovered,” said state Sen. Robert Singer (R-Ocean), who sponsored the measure, which now goes to the full Senate for a vote. Read full story here…

While there is no way to stop bed bugs from being brought into your facilities, implementing a proactive, preventative and treatment bed bug program will enable you achieve and maintain bed bug free accommodations for your guests and staff.

Preventative Services Include:

  • K-9 Scent Detection

Canine scent detection is especially well suited for large scale inspections such as hotels, healthcare and residential facilities, where visual inspection alone is simply not practical. Periodic proactive inspections are now becoming standard practice for many business owners and managers. Having your place of business checked on a regular basis, will not only aid in early detection but will offer your guests peace of mind visiting your facility.

  • Employee Education

To facilitate early bed bug detection, all employees should receive some bed bug identification training. Bed bug specialists can educate your management and staff about bed bug behavior and what to look for, so you can catch and eliminate bed bugs in the early stages. Early identification is key to keeping bed bugs from infesting your place of business.

  • Customized Bed Bug Action Plan

Having an action plan in place is key. If your company doesn’t have a bed bug action plan, you are at risk of losing your reputation and a lawsuit. Your staff needs to know how to handle bed bug complaints and what measures to take once a complaint has been made.

For more information on how you can find a qualified specialist to create a custom bed bug plan to protect your place of business contact Bed Bugs and Beyond at 888-410-1333 orinfo@bedbugsandbeyond.com.

Bed Bug Plan

Bed Bug Plan

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