Los Angeles Ranked 2nd Top City Needing Bed Bug Treatments Last Year

Los Angeles Bed Bug Treatments- Behind Chicago, Los Angeles Needed Most Beg Bug Treatments Last YearLos Angeles bed bug treatments

According to Orkin’s yearly list, Los Angeles ranked second in the nation for needing the most bed bug treatments last year.

Orkin’s list ranks 50 U.S. cities based on how many residents and businesses called pest control operators in 2013 to get treatment for these pests, with Los Angeles bed bug treatments near the top of the list.

Columbus, Ohio, Detroit and Cincinnati follow Los Angeles — which was No. 3 in 2012 — to make up the most recent top five.

While research into bed bug detection and eradication has made some advancement in recent years,  vigilance and education are still the best way to protect yourself.

Bringing about education on how to properly prevent and treat bed bug infestations is imperative if we are to win the battle against this nuisance pest that not.

Do-it-yourself methods are often ineffective in the battle again bed bugs, or in worst case situations can even spread the infestation (NEVER use a bed bug bomb!). You should  consult a qualified, reputable service provider committed to offering safe, effective elimination solutions.  Look for Los Angeles bed bug treatments service providers who offer: accurate education on elimination options, provide reasonable written guarantees, documented best management practices to prevent future infestations and post-treatment follow-up to ensure elimination success.

For more information on Los Angeles bed bug treatments contact Bed Bugs and Beyond at 888-410-1333

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