Is Your Hotel, Motel Status ? – Bed Bug Infestations in Hospitality Industry

bed bug infestationsIt is said that 80% of people concerned about bed bug infestations, during their travel and hotel stays. Is their worry justified?

We would say so.

Bed bug infestations are a growing epidemic that are nonjudgmental to demographic and weather. Anyone who believes their due to temperature, cleanliness or another factor, is surely mistaken.

According to, 20% of this past years recorded bed bug infestations were in the Midwest, 20% in the South, 19% on the West coast and 17% in the Northeast. Granted, the strongest and most frequent infestation times are the summer months, they truly are active all year long and in every type of climate.

Considering we spent just over $ 158 Billion dollars in domestic travel lodging, it is wise to start ensuring those dollars spent, are also the most healthy and valuable options possible.

There are not too many ways to determine what hotels are clear of bed bug infestations, in addition to the hotel health history, but there is help.

You can contact an organization like ours for a FREE consultation, should you be concerned about an experience you are currently having, and to discover avenues to acquire the information you need and make the best possible hotel selection.

Lastly, stay tuned for hotel certifications and promotion of, a clean wrap sheet. You will find it not only more common, but expected in the near future for hotels, extended stays, universities and medical overnight facilities, to have certifications of bug free spaces and histories.

For more information contact Bed Bugs and Beyond directly at 888-410-1333 or

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