Elimination Process

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Bed Bug Elimination ProcessBed Bug Step by Step Elimination Process: Eliminate bed bugs using a scientifically proven and documented step-by-step treatment process that uses fumigation in conjunction with traditional pest control.

Bed Bug Elimination Process

Step 1: Cleaning and Removal of Clutter

To effectively eliminate 100% of bed bugs and their eggs, successful treatment should always start with the removal of any UNNECESSARY CLUTTER. This is done to limit the amount of infestation and accurately identify the pest’s location. (NOTE: There is no reason to discard any personal items that are of value because Sulfuryl Fluoride fumigation, also known as Vikane®, is 100% guaranteed to eliminate all pest infestation including the egg stage of life). Initial clutter removal is typically performed by the customer but can also be achieved by leveraging available moving partner services.

Step 2: Use of K-9 Detection Services to Identify and Pinpoint locations of active Bed Bug Infestation

By incorporating a trained and certified K-9 bed bug detection service, dogs can alert handlers to pin point exact areas of active infestation with greater accuracy. Historically, human detection of the exact location of all bed bugs is extremely difficult and prone to error. This leads to prolonged customer exposure and the plaguing effects caused by bed bugs. By using a K-9 within the structure, it allows active infestation to be identified quickly so that concentrated treatments can be preformed for accurate and effective elimination.

Step 3: Preparing for Fumigation Treatment of Infested Personal Items

It is proven that 70 – 90 percent of bed bug infestations reside in the contents of an infected area. Through the use of trained moving partners, customers can have their infested belongings removed and loaded into moving trucks or portable vault/chambers for fumigation treatment. Detailed guidelines for packing and preparation are provided to clients to ensure success.

Step 4: Pest Control Operator Provides Residual Treatment within a Structure (after infested belongings have been removed for Fumigation)

When the majority of infestation is removed for fumigation, the PCO has better access to perform traditional treatment methods. This includes the use of steam and topical pesticides in conjunction with quality crack and crevice treatment. This methodology is essential to achieve 100% elimination within a dwelling.

Step 5: Fumigation of Infested Belongings with Sulfuryl Fluoride

Infested belongings are transferred to an off-site location for fumigation with Sulfuryl Fluoride a.k.a. Vikane®. Vikane® is a colorless, tasteless, odorless gas that leaves no residue and replaces oxygen required to sustain life. It was introduced in 1961 by Dow AgroSciences and is approved for use on articles such as Clothing, Musical Equipment, Electronics, Artwork, Furniture, Historical Documents and other personal items. Treatment is performed in 12-24 hours and fumigated belongings can be stored if necessary until the PCO and K9 service verify the structure achieved bed bug elimination. This method is scientifically proven to be effective and is guaranteed by Bed Bugs and Beyond Fumigation Specialists to achieve bed bug elimination in a single treatment.

Step 6: Verify Bed Bugs Elimination by K-9 service (Optional)

After the traditional PCO treatment is completed, the use of a K-9 service will validate the successful bed bug elimination of any live infestation within a dwelling.

Step 7: Customers Fumigated Bed Bug Free Belongings are Returned to Bed Bug Free Environment

Bed bug elimination, backed with a 100% written customer guarantee to ensure peace of mind.

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