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A Look at Bed Bug Look-Alikes

Source: The IPM Institute of North America has a review of five commonly encountered pests, including bat bugs (pictured), that can be misidentified as bed bugs. 1. Spider Beetle. Spider beetles are the shape and size of fleas, oval and dark brown. They may appear bloated and reddish brown, as if they had just fed on human blood. […]

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To the Cold, Bed Bugs Say ‘Bite Me’

Source: Tanya Lewis, Live Science Controlling bed bug infestations by freezing the pests may not be as effective as once thought, a new study suggests. Researchers found the blood-sucking pests have a high cold tolerance, but they will eventually succumb to the cold after several days of exposure. To survive in cold environments, the […]

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Bed Bug Extermination California- What You Need to Know about Bed Bugs

Los Angeles bed bug treatments

Bed Bug Extermination California- Terminex lists Los Angeles and San Francisco among the most bed bug infested cities in the US. Bed bugs have been growing at an alarming rate of over 500% yearly due to increase in international travel and resistance to many traditional pesticides, along with the banning of DDT. Bringing about education […]

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Bed Bug Infestation- How do I know if I have bed bugs?

Bedbugs the great hitchhikers they are, can easily transfer to your home through various ways- such as your clothing, bags, luggage, visitors and used furniture to name a few. While there are some symptoms of bed bug infestations, they are not always as easily identifiable through a manual inspection, particularly in a lower level bed […]

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What’s new in bed bug elimination?

Discover What’s New in Bed Bug Elimination! Bed Bugs and Beyond: Who we are…   Complimentary Consulting for all Bed Bug Elimination Services Nations first, trusted, 100% non biased full service consulting firm Successful, Proven, Guaranteed Results Since 2007 100% Bed Bug Elimination, Guaranteed in a Single Treatment Minimum 6 Month Guarantee on all Fumigation treatments 24/7 services of scientifically […]

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Bed Bug Treatment vs. Elimination – Who is Accountable For Reoccurrence ?

By our definition, to “treat” a problem, is to resolve the issue. Resolving an issue can come in to forms. Temporary solutions, and permanent solutions. When it comes to you and your family’s health regarding bed bug treatment, it’s crucial to achieve elimination. Obviously, you know the difference, and that difference will either cost or […]

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Are There Bed Bugs in Your Car?

Do you have Bed Bugs in your Car? You may not think of bed bugs and cars in the same sentence, but vehicle infestations are more common than you’d imagine.  Typically bed bugs in your car are found more during the summer months (primarily because people travel more during this season) but bedbugs can survive year round, […]

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Bed Bug Fumigation

With bed bugs reaching headlines in the news daily, the mass amount of information regarding these pests and how to eradicate them can be overwhelming. While fumigation is known to be 100% effective for eliminating these pests in a single treatment, there is still alot of confusion about what exactly bed bug fumigation is… What […]

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Fumigation Guarantee from Bed Bugs and Beyond

Fumigation Guarantee Bed Bugs and Beyond is proud to offer an unprecedented fumigation guarantee on its network providers fumigation services to ensure clients peace of mind moving forward after treatment. All fumigation services coordinated through Bed Bugs and Beyond come come with an optional 6 month fumigation guarantee. We will off fumigation guarantee services for […]

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Sulfuryl Fluoride Bed Bug Study Shows 100% Elimination Effectiveness

bed bug fumigation

We’ve included the following study by the Department of Entomology, Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University, Blacksburg, VA to show the 100% effectiveness of Sulfuryl Fluoride Fumigation on all bed bug life sages including the egg, in one treatment.  Read below for detailed information on how they conducted the study and the results achieved. BED […]

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