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Summertime in Philadelphia – Peak Bed Bug Season

A new study published in the Journal of Medical Entomology titled “Spatial and Temporal Patterns in Cimex lectularius (Hemiptera: Cimicidae) Reporting in Philadelphia, PA” looked at four years of bed bug reports to the city of Philadelphia, and found that infestations have been increasing and were at their highest in August and lowest in February.  The findings point to […]

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Bed Bugs are a Top Healthcare Concern

Bed Bugs are a Top Healthcare Concern, Well Ants too Bed bugs and ants made the top of the list this year in a survey collected as a join venture between the Association for the Healthcare Environment and Orkin. It has been revealed year after year, bed bugs are a top healthcare concern due to […]

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Bed Bug Fact Card

Can’t always remember where to look, what you are looking for, or what to do if you suspect bed bugs? Carry this handy bed bug fact card with you as a means of identifying bed bugs, verifying signs of their presence, and where to look for the pests as well as what to do if […]

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Beyond Bed Bug Certification- 3-Step Certification Plan

3-Step Certification Plan  Protect your business and your customers with Beyond Bed Bug Certification! Bed Bugs and Beyond Consulting is taking a true proactive approach in protecting your business against the rising bed bug epidemic with its custom-tailored Beyond Bed Bug Certification. Our custom program is created to achieve the prevention and/or elimination outcome that […]

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Athletes Beware: how to prevent bed bugs

How to prevent bed bugs from coming home with your athlete! You can take the word “athlete” and determine if you or your loved ones qualify, but no matter if they do, almost every single one of us has a connection to an athlete. The neighbors son, who plays with your son, and travels for […]

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Is Your Hotel, Motel Status ? – Bed Bug Infestations in Hospitality Industry

It is said that 80% of people concerned about bed bug infestations, during their travel and hotel stays. Is their worry justified? We would say so. Bed bug infestations are a growing epidemic that are nonjudgmental to demographic and weather. Anyone who believes their due to temperature, cleanliness or another factor, is surely mistaken. According […]

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Bed Bugs and Beyond Consulting – Bed Bug Myth Buster

bed bug infestations

Bed Bug Myths- There are a number of ideas associated with why bed bugs come about, how they feed, why they select certain areas for breeding and ultimately, how to eliminate them. Bed bugs have been a growing epidemic in the United States for several years, but more so in recent years. There are ways […]

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Couple files lawsuit over bed bug infestation

bed bug infestation

August 28, 2013 Tribune Chronicle | CHESTER-A Chester couple are suing their landlord for his alleged unwillingness to correct a bed bug infestation in their two-bedroom apartment. Antonio Ponziani Sr. and his wife, Heather, filed suit Tuesday in Hancock County Circuit Court against John and Vicki Adkins, of Chester. New Cumberland attorney Lawrence Manypenny […]

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What NOT to do if you have Bed Bugs

So you find yourself with a bug problem that you believe to be bed bugs. Most people look to the Internet for help, but you rarely come across websites that explain what NOT to do. Bed bugs multiply rapidly so it is important to call a consultant if you even suspect you have a problem. […]

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Bed Bug Life Cycle

Bed Bug Infestation

  Bedbugs are parasites that prefer to feed on humans but if people are unavailable they will feed on other warm-blooded animals including rodents, birds, and pets. They select a host in which they live on and feed on. On humans, they prefer to feed on the face, neck, arms or hands and the host […]

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