Study Says Bed Bug Attractants Entice Only 10% of the Crawlies, My Cleaning Products Tips Off a Better Way to Detect and Kill Bed Bugs

bed bug elimination

Study found that attractants for bed bugs are not so attractive after all, said a report. My Cleaning Products introduced a better method to detect and kill bed bugs safely and effectively. To be able to kill bed bugs, they must first be found. However, a study discovered that attractants for bed bugs are not […]

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Bed Bug Treatment vs. Elimination – Who is Accountable For Reoccurrence ?

By our definition, to “treat” a problem, is to resolve the issue. Resolving an issue can come in to forms. Temporary solutions, and permanent solutions. When it comes to you and your family’s health regarding bed bug treatment, it’s crucial to achieve elimination. Obviously, you know the difference, and that difference will either cost or […]

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Is Your Hotel, Motel Status ? – Bed Bug Infestations in Hospitality Industry

It is said that 80% of people concerned about bed bug infestations, during their travel and hotel stays. Is their worry justified? We would say so. Bed bug infestations are a growing epidemic that are nonjudgmental to demographic and weather. Anyone who believes their due to temperature, cleanliness or another factor, is surely mistaken. According […]

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Bed Bugs and Beyond Consulting – Bed Bug Myth Buster

bed bug infestations

Bed Bug Myths- There are a number of ideas associated with why bed bugs come about, how they feed, why they select certain areas for breeding and ultimately, how to eliminate them. Bed bugs have been a growing epidemic in the United States for several years, but more so in recent years. There are ways […]

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Couple files lawsuit over bed bug infestation

bed bug infestation

August 28, 2013 Tribune Chronicle | CHESTER-A Chester couple are suing their landlord for his alleged unwillingness to correct a bed bug infestation in their two-bedroom apartment. Antonio Ponziani Sr. and his wife, Heather, filed suit Tuesday in Hancock County Circuit Court against John and Vicki Adkins, of Chester. New Cumberland attorney Lawrence Manypenny […]

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The Hidden Bed Bug Epidemic

Bed Bug Infestation

What you probably didn’t know if that the Bed Bug population grows at a massive rate of 500-1000% ever year, and has done so consecutively since 2004. There are a few reasons why this bed bug epidemic has continued to grow… Bed Bug Epidemic Back in 1941, the Unites States had in fact eradicated the […]

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Bed Bug Stigma– Not Your Average Stigma

It’s obvious there is a bed bug stigma attached to bed bug bites. We all remember the saying growing up “sleep tight. Don’t let the bed bugs bite”. Do you recall your parent’s encouraging you not to take food to bed? Or be sure that you went to bed with a clean face and body […]

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What NOT to do if you have Bed Bugs

So you find yourself with a bug problem that you believe to be bed bugs. Most people look to the Internet for help, but you rarely come across websites that explain what NOT to do. Bed bugs multiply rapidly so it is important to call a consultant if you even suspect you have a problem. […]

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Bed Bugs and your Health

Bed Bug Life Cycle

  Bed bugs feed on human, and other warm-blooded hosts, in order to survive and reproduce. They find a host by detecting carbon dioxide emitted from warm-blooded people or animals and respond to warmth/moisture. In order to feed, they penetrate the skin of the host and inject a salivary fluid that contains an anticoagulant to […]

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Are There Bed Bugs in Your Car?

Do you have Bed Bugs in your Car? You may not think of bed bugs and cars in the same sentence, but vehicle infestations are more common than you’d imagine.  Typically bed bugs in your car are found more during the summer months (primarily because people travel more during this season) but bedbugs can survive year round, […]

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