Beyond Bed Bug Certification- 3-Step Certification Plan

3-Step Certification Plan

 Protect your business and your customers with Beyond Bed Bug Certification!

Bed Bugs and Beyond Consulting is taking a true proactive approach in protecting your business against the rising bed bug epidemic with its custom-tailored Beyond Bed Bug Certification.

Our custom program is created to achieve the prevention and/or elimination outcome that business owners and victims have desired since the reintroduction of bed bugs in the United States in early 2004.

Beyond Bed Bug Certification addresses the specific industry challenges/concerns for businesses, while providing them with proactive best practices and custom policy runs books, to be able to promote their business or facility as “Beyond Bed Bugs”.

Beyond Bed Bug Training and Certification includes:  bed bug consulting, employer/employee education and training, best practices, custom policy run book, post treatment prevention and elimination information.

3-Step Certification Plan

Step-1- Education-

Educate business & employees on bed bugs and how to stay “Beyond Bed Bed Bugs”.

  • Assessment/Education on Unique Industry Challenges and Concerns
  • Beyond Bed Bug Education & Prevention Seminar: Employer/Employee Education & Training
  • Bed Bug Consulting

Step 2- Pro-Active Best Practices-

Provide business with custom/detailed information on best practices and policies.  

  • Detailed Best Practices to Prevent Infestations
  • Information on how to Search/Inspect for Bed Bugs
  • Custom Policy Run Book

Step-3- Preventive & Elimination Strategies-

Provide business with necessary information on steps to achieve elimination, post-treatment prevention and the use of monitoring tool.

  • Steps to Elimination
  • Post-treatment Prevention
  • Correct Use of Monitoring Tools

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