Bed Bugs at Work

bed bugs at workBed bugs, bed bugs, bed bugs; just hearing the words make people itchy!

Even so, bed bugs continue to dominate the media with reports of them infesting everywhere from movie theaters to retailers, and yes; even possibly your place of business.

Bed bugs at work are usually introduced by an employee with an infestation in their home or can also be brought in by office visitors, vendors or maintenance staff.

Since they are great hitchhikers, they can easily transfer to the workplace on purses, briefcases, clothes, shoes, books and other items. Bed bugs behavior alters when introduced into an office environment.

Bed Bugs: Home vs. Work

Bed Bugs at Home

  • Bed bugs concentrate around sleeping and resting areas.
  • Bed bugs feed, mate, and populations increase primarily though reproduction.
  • Populations can increase to high numbers.
  • Bed bugs are active and feed at night.

Bed Bugs at Work

• Bed bugs wander and spread into less predictable locations.
• Populations tend to grow slowly, primarily through new introductions.
• The total number of bed bugs is typically lower.
• Bed bugs are active at night at first but, since they typically cannot find hosts to feed upon, they may shift their activity to daylight hours.

Check out this video from Jeff White at Bed Bug Central for more information on how to handle bed bugs in the workplace.

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