Bed Bugs in Apartments and other Multi-Unit Buildings

Special Concerns for Bed Bugs in Apartments and other Multi-Unitbed bugs in apartments Buildings

Dealing with bed bugs in apartments and other multi-unit buildings poses additional challenges with neighbors being stacked on top of you and all around you. If one unit gets an infestation, it greatly increases the chances of surrounding units becoming infested too.

Tips for Dealing with Bed bugs in apartments & other multi-unit buildings:

  • Learn about bed bugs, what they look like, how they behave and signs that indicate a possible infestation.
  • Learn how to inspect for bed bugs and do so regularly
  • Encase mattresses and box springs to protect against bed bugs.
  • Utilize best practice tips for traveling- See our travel guide
  • If anyone in the building suspects bed bugs, notify your landlord and neighbors immediately.
  • Utilize K-9 Scent Detection services to confirm infestation, location and severity
  • Have all surrounding units checked and proactively treated to help prevent spread of bed bugs
  • Familiarize yourself with bed bug laws in your state. Review your lease for any bed bug clause. Find out who is responsible for infestations, cost for treatment, etc.
  • If bed bugs do infest your building, cooperate with your landlord and the other tenants to best ensure the quickest and most effective bed bug eradication effort.

Check the link below for additional information, courtesy of, on dealing with bed bugs in apartments and other multi-unit buildings.


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