Bed Bugs and Beyond: In The News



  • Dini Miller and Marc Fisher, Department of Entomology, Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University, Blacksburg, VA: Bed Bug Study: BED BUG RESPONSE TO FUMIGATION USING SULFURYL FLUORIDE Our study evaluated the effectiveness of sulfuryl fluoride (Vikane®) fumigation for control of bed bugs … All adult and nymph bed bug samples, both captive and natural, were killed during the fumigation. Fumigated bed bug eggs were observed over a two week period within which all of the eggs collapsed and no hatch was recorded.”… [ Excerpt ]
  • UF Article-Bedbugs begone! UF fumigation school teaches control method: Bedbugs are back, so University of Florida experts are helping revive an old method that makes it easier — and less expensive — for pest control operators to fight the blood-sucking insects … Fumigation offers an alternative, he said, because bedbugs accustomed to residual pesticides have no special resistance to sulfuryl fluoride, the most widely used gas fumigant. Pest control operators have practiced commodity fumigation for years, but the technique hasn’t been commonly used against bedbugs…. [ Read the full article here ]
  • Manhattan Times News- How to keep your apartment bed bug free:The most significant factor that has promoted bed bug infestation to spread at an exponential rate is the lack of public awareness to the facts regarding scientifically proven and documented successful treatment methods. Many people simply do not care to acknowledge that bed bugs truly exist until it is too late. Many more think that bed bugs can successfully be eliminated… [ Excerpt ]
  • PCT Online- Bed Bug Control: Fumigation, Steam, Dusting and Labor: Fumigation with Dow AgroSciences’ Vikane gas fumigant (sulfuryl fluoride) has been demonstrated to be a reliable treatment to eradicate structural infestations of bed bugs with one application. Wayne Walker, a pest control manager for the Department of Housing at the University of Florida found the attributes of fumigation tantalizing for bed bug control. He liked the fact that Vikane could penetrate into all types of household furnishings to kill all bed bug life stages, including eggs. Vikane leaves no residues of toxicological concern after aeration …[ Excerpt ]
  • 10 News Connects:  Resurgence in bed bugs forces homeowners to get help: A St. Petersburg man will finally be able to sleep tight and not have the bed bugs bite after two companies teamed up to fight his bed bug problem. … Bed Bugs and Beyond uses a colorless and odorless gas previously used to kill termites. If they can’t fumigate the entire living space like an apartment building, they’ll use a chamber to fumigate all the home’s contents where the bed bugs live. Cars and boats can be fumigated as well. It takes about 24 hours to treat a space. The product doesn’t leave a residue so there’s nothing to clean up after it’s ventilated. … [ Excerpt ]
  • BrickUnderground- Bed-bugged storage (Part 2): How to protect your stuff: No matter which storage facility you use, there are only two ways to be reasonably sure you won’t bring any six-legged hitchhikers back to your apartment: Seal every last thing in plastic to keep bed bugs out, or have your belongings gassed before bringing them back home. … Read the full article here