Bed Bug Stigma– Not Your Average Stigma

It’s obvious there is a bed bug stigma attached to bed bug bites. We all remember the saying growing up “sleep tight. Don’t let the bed bugs bite”. Do you recall your parent’s encouraging you not to take food to bed? Or be sure that you went to bed with a clean face and body – because the bugs will come get you if you’re dirty? This is false.bed bug stigma

Most of us have heard one or two of these. We would like to set the records straight. Bed bugs have no interest in food or dirt, and are often found the most clean and sterile of places. We were also told rolling our eyes back into our heads and making funny faces could get stuck like that. Do not believe everything you hear, and do your research.

Bed bugs thrive and only eat, our blood. They can go for months without eating, and hide discretely in crevices, cushions, suitcases and other tight and cushioned crevices. Being that they feed only on blood, it is safe to say if you come across a victim of Bed Bug bites, recognize it is not due to them being unclean. Remember those who have bed bugs are victims and should not be subjected to this bed bug stigma.

Reverse Bed Bug Stigma

Should you know someone that has had to endure being a bed bug victim, be sympathetic and provide them as much information as you can. Some are affected by bites in a minimal fashion. Others may have welts the size of baseballs covering their body, and often have to take off from work to get treated and well again.

Not only can it be uncomfortable and financially detrimental, but embarrassing as well. The emotional affects in addition to physical are evident in many bed bug cases.

You more often than not won’t find them, until they bite you. There are ways to stay aware and spot these little devils before things get worse.

Some of the most common places we have found infestations are in hotels, college dormitories, home bedrooms and travel baggage. There are solutions not just to treat, but eliminate, so be sure to contact the experts.  Us!

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