Bed Bug Saga: From Frustrated to Finally Beyond Bed Bugs

The following post was submitted to us from a client wanting to share his story in hopes other victims can learn from his experience….

I am so very grateful to Bed Bugs & Beyond for all their help and advice.  I am only sorry that I didn’t meet them sooner.  I spent nearly a year battling bed bugs in my home and dealing with several pest control companies that made a very difficult experience absolutely horrific.

It started in May 2011 when I found what looked like a dead bed bug on my pillow.  I sent it to an entomologist (insect expert) who confirmed that it was, indeed, the dreaded bug.  I then hired a K9 inspector who flagged all three bedrooms in my home. 

The first exterminator I hired (an established company quoted in several major media stories) sent eight workers to my home on the first day.  Within an hour, they were treating my house like the site of a frat party at which I was the only unwelcome guest.  After threatening to call the police, I threw them out.  On my front lawn on a quiet cul de sac, the foreman yelled out, “Good luck getting rid of your bed bugs!” for the whole neighborhood to hear.  They left behind all of the bedroom furniture disassembled and likely scattering the bed bugs. In a panic, I threw out half of my furniture. Here’s how I cut up an expensive Tempurpedic mattress. Ultimately stupid, but can you blame me?

The second company quoted me a very high price to address what – even they agreed – was a low-volume infestation; they said no matter the size of the infestation, they needed to deal with it in a comprehensive manner.  The first of two visits would take four hours and, for my own safety, I had to leave my home during treatment.  I was obviously quite surprised when they called me 90 minutes later to say they were finished.  The next visit was even shorter.

The picture below shows how they only partially treated the beds.  You can see that only some of the slat openings are treated:

Within two months, the signs of a recurrent infestation began to appear.  When I notified the exterminator, they told me to “wait and see”.  What a contrast to their urgency when they first presented me with a contract.  They delayed retreating my house (per their warranty) until I hired an independent K9 inspector to confirm my suspicion. Even then, the exterminator resisted, questioning the credentials of the recognized dog handler.  During the process, I got rid of my very expensive bed which I was convinced was the shelter of the resistant bed bugs.

By the time the exterminator agreed to return, this is how I was living. I was sleeping on a pallet on a hard-wood floor surrounded by a circle of DE, a non-toxic dust from a certain type of seashell that has some effectiveness in killing bed bugs.  Only after two more treatments was I comfortable buying a new bed.

In the end, the bugs were gone, but it was likely more the result of throwing nearly everything away than the treatment itself. During this nightmare, I was referred to Bed Bugs & Beyond, and they offered me excellent advice and a remediation plan to utilize should my final treatments fail.  Knowing that Bed Bugs & Beyond exists is the only comfort I have for my obsessive worries about re-infestation. Finally Beyond Bed Bugs!

Bed Bug Saga

Bed Bug Saga

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