Bed Bug Extermination Pennsylvania

Bed Bug Extermination Pennsylvania- While the re-insurgence of bed bugs started in New York and New Jersey, over thebed bug extermination Pennsylvania past several years this epidemic has continued to grow and spread to other areas of the country with Pennsylvania being reported among the top 15. Several bed bug infestations are being cited in its larger cities like Pittsburgh and Philadelphia, along with several small towns too.

According to local reports, Harrisburg had several hotels shut down or cited to the health department, along with other bed bug infestation in Pennsylvania reported at housing projects and restaurants.

So how do you deal with these pests? What type of bed bug extermination is best? These bugs are very resilient, and have developed immunities to a whole host of pesticides. Add that to the fact that federal and local governments have become increasingly more hardnosed when it comes to allowing the introduction of new pesticides, while banning older, effective ones such as DDT.

Don’t despair, Bed Bugs and Beyond ‘s network of bed bug extermination companies employ a specialized treatment process that eliminates all bed bugs and their eggs in a single treatment, guaranteed! This method utilizes fumigation with Sulfuryl Fluoride, a process that’s been in the market for over 50 years and has third party scientific studies confirming 100% bed bug extermination in one treatment.

Advantages of Fumigation for Bed Bug Extermination Pennsylvania

  • Sulfuryl Fluoride penetrates 100% of a contained area, producing an effect that inhibits a pests and eggs ability to absorb the oxygen required to sustain life.
  • It is colorless odorless, tasteless, leaves no residue and is used on food
  • Sulfuryl Fluoride is 100% effective in one treatment.
  • It’s the quickest way to kill bed bugs; removing infestations completely in one treatment saves time and money.
  • Fumigation treatments reach areas topical chemicals, sprays, dusts and aerosols cannot. The gas finds and kills bed bugs so you don’t have to!
  • Sulfuryl Fluoride is used where standards call for zero tolerance and immediate results in products or living environments.

Why use Sulfuryl Fluoride for bed bug extermination Pennsylvania?

Sulfuryl Fluoride (A.K.A. Vikane) possesses key characteristics for successful eradication of structure-infesting insects, including:

  • It quickly penetrates structural materials
  • Dissipates rapidly during the venting process
  • Non-flammable
  • Non-corrosive
  • Leaves no odors or residue
  • Can be used on sensitive materials & electronics

For more information on bed bug extermination services in the Pennsylvania area, contact us directly at 888-410-1333 or Let us help you get beyond bed bugs today!

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