The Avid Traveler, a Target- Bed Bug Travel Tips

Whether you are backpacking and hitting the open road on foot, or fly high to a luxurious destination every chance you get, the probability of you experiencing bed bugs is higher. We’ve got some bed bug travel tips to help keep these pests from coming home with you.

A quick history lesson about bed bugs if you will….

Back in the 1940’s, Bed Bugs were in fact eradicated from the United States. That’s right. Gone, 100% gone! Due to the advancement of aviation, the development of the FAA, increased overseas travel and military presence, the bugs slowly but strongly came back to the United States.

You may be thinking, “Well that makes sense, but why am I a target as a traveler? Are the bugs not waiting for me at home in my bed, if at all?” It is very possible, yes. Why you are a higher potential target as a traveler is caused by; the luggage and tight cloth corners of backpacks themselves, visiting demographic areas where bed bugs are more popular and bringing them home, and mainly because of the sleeper frequency of your visits. This means, that there has been a large number of people who have stayed in that very room or bed.

Bed Bug Travel Tips bed bug travel tips

A few bed bug travel tips to be proactive, instead of reactive, is do a swift bed bug check of all beds or mattresses you may be sleeping on. Additionally, check every crevice of your luggage and travel baggage for any unwanted visitors. You will be glad you did.

Most would not notice such small bugs unless really looking, and many do not bother to check at all, but we guarantee it’s worth 5 minutes of your time.

For more bed bug travel tips and how to be proactive, review our site in full. We are available for questions, consultations and concerns at no cost to you.

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