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Six Bed Bug Facts You Didn’t Know About

bed bug facts

Bed Bug Facts- Wacky, Weird but True Source: If you follow the news and have seen all the attention bed bugs have received in the past few years, you might think you know all there is to know about this pest: They feed on humans while they sleep, they cause itchy, red bumps and they are hard […]

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Bed Bug Extermination California- What You Need to Know about Bed Bugs

Los Angeles bed bug treatments

Bed Bug Extermination California- Terminex lists Los Angeles and San Francisco among the most bed bug infested cities in the US. Bed bugs have been growing at an alarming rate of over 500% yearly due to increase in international travel and resistance to many traditional pesticides, along with the banning of DDT. Bringing about education […]

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Bed Bug Extermination Pennsylvania

Bed Bug Extermination Pennsylvania- While the re-insurgence of bed bugs started in New York and New Jersey, over the past several years this epidemic has continued to grow and spread to other areas of the country with Pennsylvania being reported among the top 15. Several bed bug infestations are being cited in its larger cities […]

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Bed Bug Infestation- How do I know if I have bed bugs?

Bedbugs the great hitchhikers they are, can easily transfer to your home through various ways- such as your clothing, bags, luggage, visitors and used furniture to name a few. While there are some symptoms of bed bug infestations, they are not always as easily identifiable through a manual inspection, particularly in a lower level bed […]

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What’s new in bed bug elimination?

Discover What’s New in Bed Bug Elimination! Bed Bugs and Beyond: Who we are…   Complimentary Consulting for all Bed Bug Elimination Services Nations first, trusted, 100% non biased full service consulting firm Successful, Proven, Guaranteed Results Since 2007 100% Bed Bug Elimination, Guaranteed in a Single Treatment Minimum 6 Month Guarantee on all Fumigation treatments 24/7 services of scientifically […]

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