About Bed Bugs and Beyond

Bed Bugs and Beyond: Who we are…

  • Complimentary Consulting for all Bed Bug Elimination Services
  •  Nations first, trusted, 100% non biased full service consulting firm
  •  Successful, Proven, Guaranteed Results Since 2007
  • 100% Bed Bug Elimination, Guaranteed in a Single Treatment
  • Minimum 6 Month Guarantee on all Fumigation treatments
  • 24/7 services of scientifically documented and valid immediate bed bug elimination, education, counseling and expert advice.
  • Bed Bugs and Beyond Provides Non-biased Referrals for Select, Qualified Service Providers
  • Bed Bugs and Beyond Coordinates and Orchestrates Fumigation, K-9 Detection, Pest Control and  Moving/Preparation Services
  • All Service Providers Approved through an Extensive Qualification Process
  • Complimentary Re-Treatment, Post-fumigation for Travel Items
  • Focused on 100% Bed Bug Elimination


What You Can Do:

  •  Practice post treatment best practices which can protect you from potential re-infestations.
  •  Stop allowing bed bug treatment providers to focus on pest control vs. 100% elimination
  •  Don’t allow costly re-treatments which let providers profit from your continued victimization and misery
  • Demand 100% bed bug elimination and service provider accountability
  • Traditional pest control for bed bugs is unacceptable and will not be tolerated